Art Becoming the Imitator of Life

In the class discussion conducted on Tuesday, March 15th, a very well formed quote was drawn to our attention. Holmes states that “Form is henceforth divorced from matter. In fact, matter as a visible object is of no great use any longer, except as the mould on which form is shaped…We have got the fruit of creation now, and need not trouble ourselves with the core” (p21-22) My belief of what Holmes is putting forward is the idea that a single object that is created is no longer one that people will take the time out to awe themselves over because it will not be a single unique entity for long. Everything being created can be replicated. No one cares what the original is because they will be able to view or attain for themselves a replica. In the reading for today, Walter Benjamin states that “To an ever greater degree the work of art reproduced becomes the work of art designed for reproducibility.” (Benjamin, p67) In a sense the object that is created in it’s originality is created in order for it to be replicated. A random question justed popped into my head: Although a single object is initially created and will be replicated/ imitated, is that original object not a replica in and of itself? Is it not the mind that has originally created the idea which is to be reproduced into the physical replica of the conscious idea?

Moving backward to the readings of Kraccauer, he states that “consciousness has departed from its contingency.” What on Earth does this mean? If I had to make a guess, it would be that he is making reference to the fact that Williams James’ stream of consciousness is not as relevant as the stream of technology. The consciousness is something that is read, know, and believed in by many, but technology has risen above the task of mans consciousness. Instead of looking to nature for unique individuality, the population must instead be ctatered for through mass production. Every one wants a piece of nature, of beauty, of art. Art seems to imitate life, rather than art for art sake. Man has evolved due to technology, and as a result art must imitate man and evolve.

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